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Often it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. As we age, the eyes can become dull and lifeless due to the loss of definition, caused by sparse lashes and the colour of the iris being washed out.

We would all love to have dazzling eyes like Cameron Diaz or Rhianna, but not all of us have professional make up artists on hand each morning, and putting on eyeliner each day can be time consuming and frustrating, especially when half way through the day it has smudged or worse, vanished! With the help of  permanent make up you can add definition and colour back to your eyes, making you look fresher and more awake.

Not only will you look more youthful but you will also be able to get an extra 15 minutes in bed each morning! I can create lots of different looks to suit each individuals needs, ranging from natural everyday eyeliner right the way  through to a dramatic latino flick.

This treatment is ideal for swimmers, gym bunnies, people who suffer with poor sight and those of you that just want that extra 15 minutes in bed in the mornings!

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